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Forum Guidelines

When you join the Slow Travel Forums you agree to the following guidelines:

Forum Posting Guidelines

  • We will express our opinions, but will always respect the opinions of others.
  • We will keep a good sense of humor.
  • We will be kind.
  • No profanities in postings.
  • No political or religious postings or comments. None.
  • No commercial postings. Do not post to promote your business, website or blog or a friend's business, website or blog. This includes congratulatory remarks on business achievements or media mentions. Gold Star members can add these well wishes to our Member Tidings and Mentions discussion in the Everything Else forum.
  • No surveys unless you have attained Slow Traveler membership level. Empty posts generated to reach that level will not be tolerated.
  • You may recommend a friend's business or an associate's business only if you personally used it and paid for it. When recommending, please describe the specific instance in which you used the business service. For example, you may not recommend a hotel at which you book tours, unless you personally stayed there and paid for the privilege. If you did, then describe that instance when recommending.

*** If you run a travel business, read our guidelines

These are Moderated Forums

The moderators are listed in the header. Any postings that are deemed unacceptable by any moderator may be deleted or edited. If you post spam (advertising), your post will be deleted and your membership suspended. Postings that the moderators determine to be promoting national, ethnic, or religious stereotyping will be edited or deleted without notice.

Participation in the forums is free, but certain premium services are available only to paid members (private messages, email digests). Click the Membership link in the header to become a paid member.

If you are unhappy about something that was posted, click the Alert button (triangle with an exclamation point) on the post to send a message to the moderators; do not post your complaint on the board.

If in doubt about whether or not to post something, email us before posting (click the CONTACT US link found at the bottom of every page).

You understand that has in no way authorized or endorsed any postings by Slow Travel community members and accepts no responsibility for postings.

Forum Signatures Guidelines

  • Your name and a quote may be in your signature.
  • Link to one website only, by domain name or site name - no advertising tagline.
  • You can also link to your blog, your Slow Travel Classified and any pages you have published on Slow Travel.
  • Read our signature guidelines.

How to Post When Recommending Travel Businesses

The 10-Day Rule: If you are not affiliated with the travel business, you are welcome to post about it on the forums but only after you have been a member of the forums for more than 10 days. You cannot join our boards just to post recommending a business.

If you want to recommend a travel business that you used, we ask that you submit reviews to Slow Travel (vacation rentals, hotels, restaurants) so that you can link to your reviews when posting on the board. If it is another type of business (e.g. car service, tour guide), we recommend either including details in your Slow Travel Trip Report or submitting a "postcard" (a short travel note) about the experience. Then link to that page from the message board.

You are welcome to post about businesses on the message board as long as it is not your business, or a friend's business. If you answer every question with "use xyz" we will assume you are promoting the business for them and remove your posts.

People who run travel businesses: read our guidelines.