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    I hope this isn't a stupid question, but as I've been researching a trip to Nova Scotia for this August, I've read on a few occasions about bugs being an issue in Nova Scotia. The reason I am concerned is because bugs/flies/mosquitoes absolutely love me. My husband and I could be standing next to each other and I'll get 10 mosquito bites and he gets nothing in a matter of minutes! So, any bug issues besides normal summer bugs? I've heard Vermont has a "black fly" season - anything similar?

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    I think black fly season is very late spring / early summer.


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    Vermont, NH, Maine and the Eastern Provinces all have Black Fly season, which, as stated, ends in June. Nova Scotia has considerable forest coverage in outlying/interior areas and by August mosquitos can be a nuisance just like here in NH. (my Mosquito Magnet works overtime all Spring and Summer!).

    If you stick to the urban areas (Halifax, Yarmouth, Sydney, et al), there will be far less to deal with in this regard.

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    I'll definitely have to load up on mosquito repellant and find a rental with a screened in porch! I'd rather deal with mosquitoes than black flies. Thanks!

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    I live next door in New Brunswick. The mosquitos are no better in Nova Scotia. This means that in the evening, the musquitos come out - they seem to come in waves. They are sometimes gone, depending upon the wetness of the season, but it has never been an issue for me. BLACK FLIES, however, are to be avoided at all cost! I really wouldn't worry about it - just wear repellant. They are not like the tropics or anything - they should be fairly similar to where you live...unless you live in an urban area - as stated earlier.
    Have a super time - it is a lovely place to hang out.

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    Thanks, Deborah! I figured the mosquitoes would be about the same; I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't have any bug surprises!

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    We were camping in NS for almost 7 weeks last summer and didn't have a mosquito problem--at least nowhere near as big a problem as we've had in MI and WI before. Of course, an advantage of camping is that you tend to build campfires which help control them.

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    I was in Nova Scotia in August a few years back and I had no problem at all with bugs. A dear friend has a house on Cape Breton and I found the area delightful, the weather wonderful and the way of life there sleepy and peaceful. I'm actually planing on going back this August as well.

    Enjoy and don't worry about the bugs!

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    Thanks for your recent replies. After doing all of my research, finding best places to stay, things to do, etc., my dear husband decided he couldn't go through the summer without visiting Italy. So I have put Nova Scotia on the back burner for the future - hopefully next summer. It has been a dream of mine to go there.


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