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    With nonstop high-speed rail service between Rome and Caserta, it is possible to visit the magnificent Royal Palace and Gardens at Caserta as an easy and inexpensive day trip out of Rome. Indeed, the travel time by train from Roma Termini to Caserta (68 minutes; fares vary) is only slightly longer than from Napoli Centrale (30-45 minutes; 3.50 Euros each way): an incredible fact!


    1. Take the Trenitalia NONSTOP Frecciargento train which departs Roma Termini at 8:05 and arrives in Caserta at 9:13. If you purchase your ticket well in advance (usually up to FOUR MONTHS), you can lock in the nonrefundable and non-changeable SUPER ECONOMY fare (second class) of only 13 Euros each way. (NOTE: the undiscounted "BASE" fare is 32 Euros each way).

    2. Walk LEFT as you exit the Caserta train station, until you reach the cement walkway which leads directly (straight line) to the front doors of the Palace. Total distance is 450 meters (5 minutes on foot). You can see the Palace from the train station.

    3. The Palace is open daily except Tuesdays from 8:30 to 19:30. The gardens behind the Palace close earlier (between 15:30 and 19:00, depending on month of the year). The entrance fee for both the Palace and the gardens is 13.80 Euros, or 10.80 Euros for the Palace alone. The CAMPANIA ARTECARD is honored. The Palace and grounds are also closed (or have special hours) on January 1, Easter Monday, May 1 and December 25.


    4. A few facts about the Palace:

    Among the largest palaces on earth: 47,000 square meters, with a volume of 2 million cubic meters (70 million cubic feet). According to Wikipedia, it is the largest palace on earth measured by volume.

    Dimensions: 247 X 184 meters (810 X 604 feet). 1200 rooms, of which 40 monumental rooms with frescoes. Five floors. Total height 36 meters (118 feet). Four inner courtyards each 3,800 square meters (40,900 square feet)

    History: Construction begun 1752, completed during 19th century (although the full project was never completed)

    5. Services within the Grounds (food, etc):


    6. RETURN TRIP TO ROME: Trenitalia Frecciargento train departs Caserta at 16:04, arrives Roma Termini 17:20.

    BEWARE: If you hold a promotional "ECONOMY" or "SUPER ECONOMY" fare and MISS the train, you FORFEIT the ticket!


    On the Trenitalia reserved trains (including all the Freccia trains), children up to the age of 15 years, 0 days, travel at 50% of the adult fare (whether the full fare or a discounted fare, but never less than 9 Euros). If the ECONOMY or SUPER ECONOMY fares are not offered, the child travels FREE ("BIMBI GRATIS" fare) with an adult paying the "BASE" fare of 32 Euros. Otherwise, it should be cheaper for both the adult and the child to travel at either the "ECONOMY" or the "SUPER ECONOMY" fare. For example, where the adult pays the 13-Euro "SUPER ECONOMY" fare, the child pays 9 Euros, making the total 22 Euros each way.

    Children up to the age of 4 years, 0 days, travel totally FREE OF CHARGE without a ticket and without a guaranteed seat.

    Children under the age of 18, seniors over the age of 65, handicapped persons, and certain other categories, who are citizens of a country of the European Union, visit the Palace and ground FREE. ASK whether these concessions have been extended to non-E.U. citizens.

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    Very helpful info as always, GAC.

    Wasn't there a recent article, perhaps in the NYT, about how the Caserta is suffering from looting and vandalism due to a lack of security? I recall the article talking about how depressing it is to go there now. I have no personal experience but I'm wondering if anyone on this board has been there recently.

    If true, that's very disappointing as it had been on my Italy bucket list, but now I'm not so sure.

    There is no one-size-fits-all approach to traveling.

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    Perhaps you saw this article:

    I highlight this article for its beautiful photographs:

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    Thank you for the information. We've gone all around Caserta, but never made it there and it is on the list this year. We're looking forward to finally seeing the palace and the gardens.


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