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    Hi all

    I am so bad about checking in here.

    I leave for Thailand soon. Visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai, the Mae Hong Son loop (driving myself) and then Krabi, back to Bangkok, then flying home. All self-researched and reserved.

    Any last minute tips? Should I take a lot of Off?

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    Have a wonderful trip, woodstock. Will you be blogging? Don't forget to let us know here if you are.

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    Have a great time! I was there two years ago in late November. I don't think you need a lot of Off, but it might be hotter than you think!

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    Anthony Bourdain just had a good episode of his food adventures in Thailand:

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    Sorry but Tony Bourdain got this one very wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by aap519 View Post
    Anthony Bourdain just had a good episode of his food adventures in Thailand:
    Little late to this thread but I can't let this one just go by. This qualifies as one of Bourdain's worst episodes ever!!! It is a binge drinking episode that says nothing about Chiang Mai or its food. I live in Chiang Mai and the food here is among the best in Thailand. From 5 star restaurants to street vendors. An interesting evolution is happening as Chiang Mai starts to adopt and modify foods from all over the world with its very own special twist.

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    Have a great time.
    It is not easy to drive in Thailand. Many road signs are in Thai only.
    All the places you chose are great, esp the north, Mae Hong Son and Krabi.
    November could still have some tail-end typhoons and rainstorms, but they are often a delightful break for the hot weather.
    In short, there is no season in Thailand. Or, as a Thai friend told me, there are 4 seasons: summer, summer, summer and summer.
    Thai people are very helpful in that unique Buddhist way. The food will even be better than you think, especially if you are adventurous and eat what and where the locals eat.
    I have not seen the Bourdain documentary on Thailand. How can it be more cliché and devoid of info than the one on Provence ?
    Again, have a great time.

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    I am home - two weeks ago already. I had a great time. I mentioned I was really bad about checking in here, I am sorry.

    I have photos on Facebook but I'm not connected to anyone here. I do, however, have an Instagram account at skywalkerbeth.

    I will eventually blog! Another thing I've let drop. April was my last blog post. I use Facebook for just about everything now.

    The food was wonderful although I did get sick near the end - I think it was Indian food, despite being a swanky resto - my most expensive meal on the entire trip and I believe it was what made me ill.

    Once I start blogging I will post that in the right spot!

    Many thanks


    PS. Driving was easy-peasy.
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    I am so jealous. I always wanted to travel to Thailand and I will some day. Enjoy your trip and can not wait to read about your experiences.


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