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    Can't access my own profile??

    Hmmm, I wanted to check something but it says I don't have permission to access my own profile??

    Mods, any help here?


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    Try again now, John.
    The Moderators
    If you have a question about this post, you may contact us via email.

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    New Member review

    Is the restriction on access also related to being a new member. I have a message implying I have done something "wrong", but it might expire (when?) I have not managed to find out where this might be fixed (so posting here as the current most logical spot I have found.


    You have received an infraction at Slow Travel Talk (SlowTalk).
    Reason: New Member Under Review
    This infraction is worth 4 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires.

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    Patrick - Apologies for the less than stellar wording of the new member infraction. We are trying to override the system message and revise the notification to indicate that as a new member, your posts will be reviewed by the moderators before being published on the forums; we do this to minimize spam posts or those that do not follow our forum rules.

    The new member moderation should not prevent you from accessing your own profile as instructed here. If you continue to experience difficulty accessing your profile, please email our administrator using the "contact us" link at the bottom right of the page, in the green stripe.

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    Thank you - I'l do some more hunting and reading - always a good thing to do.


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