They don't have Halloween in Thailand. Thais DO believe in ghosts. Stairs are uneven in traditional homes so the ghosts will trip. There are boards across the bottom of entryway doors again to trip ghosts. Thais don't buy "used" homes because of the fear of ghosts. This is changing but I can see the "if you don't behave the ghosts will get you" as a very useful mothers tool.

I recently got a fascinating glimpse into this cultural norm. Vin (my house manager) has a masters degree. I say this by way of background. A couple of days ago we were driving my friend avril home. Av lives near the temple that does the majority of the cremations here in Chiang Mai. Vin sees where she lives and out of concern for her asks "Do you walk home alone at night?" Av being American immediately goes to the list of "being safe when walking alone at night" and says "the road is well lit, the neighbors know me and watch out for me". Vin responded "aren't you afraid of the ghosts". To which Av replied "no the temple does a good job of guiding the spirits to the next level". Which BTW was very culturally sensitive of her to understand and respond in that fashion. I OTOH would have said "ghosts don't exist".

All this by way of prelude to saying that if I dress up for Halloween I'd better be a zombie and not a ghost.