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    Set up for Private Messages

    I have tried to find a step by step guide on how to send Private messages on ST. Could my fellow travellers please point me in the right direction.

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    To send Private Messages, you need to become a paid premium member. You can find information on that by following the Membership link in the upper menu bar. I think that, unless the sender is a moderator, only premium members can receive Private Messages as well.

    Without being premium, you can send emails to members who choose to make their address available in their profile. As I understand, even if members' addresses showed on the old platform, they don't show unless the member follows this process:

    When you click on your name on a post, click on View Profile.

    From Settings in the upper right, in the resulting page on the left-hand menu, under My Settings: My Account, click on General Settings. Under Messaging & Notifications, one can check a box for "Receive Email from Other Members."

    For members who've done that, when you click on their name on a post, there's a Send Email link.


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