Slow Travelís archives include many reports from our members on their travels. These reports make enjoyable reading and are great resources for those planning similar trips.

We love to have members send us trip reports, but unfortunately, itís no longer possible to post them on the server that weíve always used.

So, going forward, we are urging members to share their travel reports here in the forums.

We suggest that you first write the report offline, in a word processor. (Please use the spell checker!) Also, if you have digital photos from your trip, select a few of the best and save them in a place on your computer, in .jpg format, where theyíll be easy to retrieve. Note that the size limit for photos is 976 kb.

When your report is ready, you can copy it in segments and paste it into messages in the forum. If you have photos, attach them to the messages in the appropriate places.

Here are a few general guidelines for posting:

1. Go to the appropriate forum (e.g., Italy) and click on Post New Thread.
If you spent time in more than one country, post separate reports for each country in different forums.

2. In the Title box enter the title following the format of this example:
TRIP REPORT: Rome, Spring 2016
You may be as creative as you like with the title, but make it descriptive enough that people can tell at a glance where and when you went.

3. Start with an introduction giving a general overview of the trip.

4. Keep the paragraphs relatively short for easier reading.

5. Itís a good idea to break the report up into sections with bold headers. Start a new reply for each new section, unless the sections are short enough to combine two or three in one message.

6. Try to include Web links to places youíve stayed and restaurants where you ate.

7. If your report is very long, you may want to write a summary for the forum, and attach the full report as a file attachment. This file should be in Microsoft Word format (.doc not .docx).

8. If you need help or have any questions, please start a new thread here in the How Do I??? forum.