We are excited to announce that you will no longer have to go to a separate site to share your travel experiences. We are inviting you to post your trip reports here, on our SlowTalk forums. You can choose how you want to share. Some of our members have chosen to report to us “real time” – a day or so at a time while they are traveling. An example of this is Moderator Doru’s report of one of several visits he made to Romania. Or you can report on your whole trip when you return – which may necessitate making several consecutive entries, as Sharonov did here, when she reportd on a recent stay in Sarlat.
One of the advantages of having the trip reports here on the forums is that members can comment, ask questions or add their comments right on the same thread!

So that our members can easily identify and search for your reports, we would ask that you use "Trip Report – (Location) – Dates" in your subject line.
Have fun – and let us know where you have been recently. We’d love to hear from you.

For more guidelines on how to post a trip report, go to the “How to Post your Trip Reports” thread at the top of our in our “How Do I” forum.