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    Want to experience Sweden - preferably on a budget

    Hey all,

    Has anyone from here been to Sweden? And more importantly was there anyone on a budget?

    I want to organize a trip to Sweden, and I don't really care for the big cities or huge touristic centers. What I want to see is the everyday life of the people, the atmosphere of the countryside and stuff like that.

    One of the possibilities I'm thinking about is organizing a road trip. An other possibility would be to take the Inlandsbanan (Inland Line - wiki), which is kind of the Siberian Express of Sweden. Is here anyone who tried any of these?

    And what I really would like, if I somehow manage to find a way to organize this trip on an acceptable budget is to meet one of the last individual crispbread bakers of Sweden . He is not a celebrity or anything, but some days ago I read an article about him (and some other nice people), and was like: instead of telling someone, that Yo dude, I was in Sweden and saw Stockholm, it would be much nicer to say Hey, I just traveled to Sweden to meet the last individual crispbread baker.

    About accommodation: until now I tried to find some on Swedish Tourist Association and Hostels World. Any better ideas?

    So, if you have any experience with Sweden, please don't hesitate to share it with me!

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    Quick and short update

    And another quick and short update - maybe this will be helpful to someone (but this really starts to feel like blogging about planning a trip ):

    I just found out about the regulation of camping in Sweden (and generally in Scandinavia). You have "the Right to Roam", or the Right of Public Access ( ), which lets you camp "a night or two in the countryside as long as you donít disturb the landowner or cause damage to nature".

    A tent and a mat can solve a lot of problems, and stuff can't really get cheaper than that!

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