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    Mobile phones in Auckland, New Zealand

    Hi, I'm traveling to Auckland in a couple of weeks. Last time in 2011 I had a devil of a time getting a decent sim deal relatively easily. Things will have changed I'm thinking. Does anyone have any advice? I could pay $5 per day to make my vodaphone account work but it is my work phone and over 16 days that adds up to $256 which is a bit exie!

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    My daughter travelled around NZ a couple of months ago and set herself up with a good SIM deal in Auckland. I had thought she had gone to one of the big phone carriers but she had got a Sim for $4 from a computer shop, which included a voucher code which she then used to activate a month's prepay by topping up at a newsagent ( she didn't need to use it straight away). This was with Skinny, for voice, message and data and she said she thought it was pretty cheap for the amount she had - mostly being used to book hostels and bus tickets ahead.


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