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    buying train tickets on NS Netherlands-- "preposition"??

    When I go to buy my tickets, I'm told that name on ticket must match passport. I have a choice of salutation (Mr. Mrs, etc) first given name, preposition, and family name. Is preposition the middle name? I don't want to make a mistake and have it not match my passport, which does include a middle name.

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    My first thought is that it's something like "De," which appears often in Dutch and other European names and may be considered to be separate from the family name, "Van" being another example. To try to find more about whether the middle name should be included, I went back to , good for information on many European rail systems. Trying Travel from Amsterdam, I note:

    You can check Dutch train times & fares at, although you cannot buy tickets here, even though it looks as if you can, because (Dutch Railways) does not accept any internationally-recognised form of payment, only Dutch-issued bank cards. This renders it totally useless for online sales.
    The site author also notes that trains within the Netherlands don't take reservations, so there's hardly any point in buying tickets online. If you're traveling from the Netherlands to another country, he recommends other sites.


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