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    Ghent to Antwerp Central by train

    I want to get from Ghent to Amsterdam and have already bought Thalys tickets from Antwerp to Amsterdam. I didn't want to book the Ghent to Amsterdam ticket because the connection time was really short. Now when I try to buy a Ghent to Antwerp ticket on RailEurope, I can only go to Antwerp Berchem, which I believe is Antwerp South. Any suggestions?

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    I'd be very hesitant to use Rail Europe to buy any tickets, and a little searching shows that trains within Belgium don't take reservations. From the Belgium section of :
    Belgian domestic trains operate on a turn up, buy a ticket and hop on basis, with a fixed-price kilometric tariff and no seat reservations necessary or possible. So there's no need to pre-book, and no cost advantage in doing so, you can just turn up and buy a ticket at the station on the day. That includes Belgian Railways Regional, Inter-Regional and InterCity trains.
    In addition:
    You can check Belgian train times & fares at (click EN top right for English). You can buy print-at-home tickets online to save time at the ticket office.
    So presuming you board the Thalys at Antwerp Centraal, just confirm the schedule for the train there from Ghent, and use either of these methods to buy the ticket..


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