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    FYI $69.00 to Europe from WOW

    Sounds to good to be true this may or may not work for some of you out there.
    West coast prices start at $69.00 here is link to article

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    I'm not getting that cheap (this promotion seems to be West Coast) but from Boston to London, I'm getting round trips in March for $318. That's even better than my recent $380 fare on Norwegian!
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    I wish this went the other way, from England!

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    Taxes can account for a good part of the fare out of England. I see on Norwegian a London Gatwick-Oakland one-way fare of 169.00, with the note: Taxes account for 110.50, and Fuel surcharge (really an airline surcharge, generally not related to the price of fuel) accounts for 25.00.


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