Sorry all, we have received no further information from Internet Brands regarding the disposition of these pages and our sister SlowTrav pages. What we THINK will happen as of March 1st is that anyone trying to log onto Slow Talk forums will be redirected to the pages of the Fodor travel site, which Internet Brands also owns. We have no idea what will happen if you try to log in to the SlowTrav pages.

For those who want a moderated, friendly, respectful travel site with a community of informed travelers, focused on EUropean travel, we recommend you become a member of Slow Europe, run by Pauline Kenny, who was the original owner/manager/moderator/Queen of Slow Travel.

For those with travel reports, vacation reviews, postcards, travel notes on our sister Slow Trave pages, our suggestion is that you copy those records for yourself. Roz has provided instructions on the easiest way to copy trip reports:
If anyone wants to save specific trip reports to your own computer, there is an easy way to get the text, although not the pictures. Go to the master list of reports, and find and click on the report you want. At the bottom of the right column , you will see "Printable version." If you click on that, it will display the text with basic formatting. You can save the page as a web file to display in a browser, or copy and paste the text into a word processing application. Or print it to PDF.

I am about to do this with my own trip reports, so I have a record of them.

...(other content) may be retrievable from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine when this site is gone.

If we hear anything further from Internet Brands we will share the information with you.

Thank you for your participation on our forums over the years, and for your kind words as we ride into the sunset.

Judy AKA Tourmama