Yes, the site is still up, despite Internet Brands’ announcement to us on February 22nd that “As of March 1, 2017, Internet Brands will no longer be hosting SlowTalk.”. But our future is unsure - they can pull the plug at any time. Since we shared that announcement on our forums, and later updated it, many of our members have taken our advice and joined Slow Europe, owned and hosted by the creator of our site, Pauline Kenny, a similar site, with a similar philosophy..

Because we have no idea when Internet Brands will finally close down these pages, we are suggesting anyone with a new question to ask do so on the Slow Europe site; where there is more activity.

Thanks to you all for making SlowTalk a wonderful travel resource. We are sorry Internet Brands has decided we are not a good fit for their portfolio, and have cancelled our contract. We hope to see you on the SlowEurope site.