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    vacation advice; London!

    Thanks to the new non stop flights to London by Norwegian Air, I have the chance of a trip of a lifetime.
    We are going to London in Late September, and hope to take the train to Paris.
    But the portion of the trip I am asking you about is the part in London.

    It looks like the best thing to do after landing at Gatwick at 7am is to take a bus (or train?) into London. I am sure I will be exhausted, I have flown to Italy several times, but when I arrived, I stayed with friends, so the problem is;
    where can I go in the morning and be able to nap? Sounds like an Inn would be the best thing, at least for the first night. Where to stay? I have no intention of driving a car, am happy to take trains, buses, and trolleys everywhere; but I also don't want so far out that it's a 2 mile hike to get a meal.
    I am thinking, after the first night, I would then try to find an AirBnB for the rest of my time in London, as costs are a huge consideration. If you could suggest some neighborhoods, then I could at least begin to investigate.

    Thank you to anyone with experience that cares to respond.

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    Mimitabby - You may not have noticed the annoucement at the top of this thread that Slow Travel/SlowTalk has been shut down by the company that bought it a couple of years ago, as of the end of February. They are going to remove the pages from the internet - though when remains to be seen.

    As we have said in our announcements of the closure, we are suggesting our members join ST founder Pauline Kenny's new site - Slow Europe. Traffic to our site has slowed to almost no one, and these pages could disappear at any moment.


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