Hello there! I'm travelling home to Brazil in January. I have never been to any other countries in South America so after seeing my family and all of that, I'd like to travel somewhere else and that would be from around the 1st of February. I'd like to be in nature, hiking, maybe where there is the possibility of seeing some historical sites. I've been thinking mainly about Machu Picchu in Peru. Otherwise I've considered the salt flats in Argentina. Anything else you fine folk could recommend?

About Machu Picchu: I definitely want to do a trek there from Cuzco, but which one should I take? How are they different from each other? Of course the Inca trail is the most popular, but is it the best one? Should I bring a tent? I read somewhere that there is a lot of rainfall in January and February. Is it so bad? How is the temperature up on those mountains at this time? Is it true that the Inca trail is closed in Februrary? Could I take another trail during this period?

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your suggestions!