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    Time to Transit Heathrow Terminal 5 to Terminal 3

    Hi, my wife and I will be transiting through Heathrow in May, arriving on BA at Terminal 5 with a connecting BA flight departing Terminal 3. We have a 100 min (1 hr 40 min) layover. The Heathrow website says it should take 90 minutes to transit from terminal 5 to 3, giving us only a 10 minute cushion. Is that 90 minute estimate accurate, does it really take that long? Here I thought we had a cushion with our expected layover time, but now I am a little concerned. For what it's worth, we arrive at 0710 and depart at 0850.

    Does anyone have recent experience transiting between these terminals that can give me an accurate time estimate?

    Thanks for your help.

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