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About the Slow Travel Forums

These are the forums for the Slow Travel website located at www.slowtrav.com.

Slow Travel is a community of people who like to travel and experience new places. This website is a place for us to talk to each other, answer questions about this type of travel and collect information.

What is Slow Travel?

Slow Travelers stay in vacation rentals around the world - apartments or houses that you rent by the week. This makes for a different, slower, type of vacation. You stay longer in one place and get to know one area in depth. The extra time in a place lets you find your favorite coffee shop, get your groceries at the local stores, go to the weekly market - pretend you live there. Read more about Slow Travel.

What is Slow Travel all about?

The heart of the website is the Vacation Rentals section for each country. Here we have reviews of places that we, and others, have stayed. Send us your reviews of the vacation rentals you have stayed in. With more information we can help each other to have even better, and slower, vacations. Read more About Us.

The Slow Travel Moderators

We have a great group of moderators for our forums. Read all about them on About Us: Moderators. The Slow Travel moderators are here to take part in the discussions and run the forums. If something you ask has been discussed in detail before, they may point you to the previous thread. Or if it is discussed on the website, they may point you to the appropriate page. One or more moderators checks into the forums every day.

The moderators also edit inappropriate posts. Inappropriate content is replaced with a note from the moderator. Use the post alert icon beside a post to alert a moderator to an inappropriate post.

A Note about Editing Posts and Moderating Posts

Moderators may edit posts if they feel someone has posted something we do not want on the forums. Either the posts will be removed or the text will be edited out with a note saying it was removed.

Someone who is edited, may or may not be emailed about the post. Sometimes we do not have the time to do personal emails about posts.

If someone posts questionable things, the first warning is to set them to "Post Moderation". This means that every time they post, the post does not appear until a moderator has reviewed it.

If someone continually makes unacceptable posts even after they have been set to Post Moderation, their membership will be suspended and they will not be able to post at all.

If someone harasses one or more moderators by private email, they may be set to Post Moderation or they may have their membership suspended.

Membership Levels

There are several membership levels on the forums. All are based on the number of posts you have made.

1 - 9: New Member
10 - 99: Traveler
100 - 500: Slow Traveler
500+: You get a star
1000+: A second star
1500+: A third star

Read more about titles and member icons at Member Designations.

Sharing information from the forums

First - many, many thanks to everyone who takes the time to come post on the Slow Travel Forums. Your questions, comments, advice, experiences, and thoughts have created a wonderful and valuable community.

With the resources of the internet, it is obvious that information travels freely. Which is good, and is usually to everyone's benefit. However, we ask that when anyone wishes to pass on something they've read on the forums, they post a link to the thread. Do not copy and paste material that someone else has written. Sometimes the information is obviously a fact or idea in the public domain; but often it is a poster's thoughts and opinions that he/she may not wish to be copied elsewhere without permission.

If you are unable to link to the exact thread, simply refer folks to the website.

How to tell us about your Travel Business

Read our Rules for Commercial Mentions on the Message Board.

Become a Gold Member

Gold members get "extras" on the forums: private messages, special forums. Become a Slow Travel Member

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