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Rules for Bloggers and Business Owners

These are our rules for how to post on these forums if you run, or are affiliated with, a travel business, travel website or a blog.


We welcome bloggers to post on our forums and encourage you to keep on blogging - we love blogs! We also want to keep our Slow Trav discussions focused while we offer travelers the most updated and relevant information. To give readers information about active travel blogs yet prevent the forums from being peppered with random "Look at my Blog!" posts, we have the following rules:

  • If you will be traveling and blogging about your trip, post your announcement in the "Blogging from..." thread at the top of the appropriate country forum. Just one post per trip or country visited, please. People who want to comment about your blog will be directed to do so directly on the blog, and not in the thread
  • You may NOT post solely for the purpose of recommending your blog. Do not start a thread just to get people to go to your blog.
  • If you have travel information on your blog and someone asks a question that one of your blog entries answers, you may post a link to the page, but be sure to include some basic information in the post, don't just link to your page.

If we feel you have posted just to promote your blog, we will delete your post. Please put a link to your blog in your signature! That appears on all your posts.

Note that these rules do not apply to bloggers running their blogs on the SlowTrav website.

Business Owners

We welcome people in business, especially the travel business, to take part in our forums, but we ask that you NOT promote your business in your posts. If you post in any way that we think is promoting your business, your post will be deleted.

We have these strict rules because we want these forums to remain a place for discussion, not a place for promotion of goods and services. Our goal is to keep the forums as commercial-free as possible, so that our members are not being "sold to" when they are reading the forums. We ask all businesses to respect this.

We ask that all travel businesses consider taking out a paid classified listing on the Slow Travel website to support our site and forums and to communicate your business information to Slow Travelers www.slowtrav.com/cl/.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Do NOT put your domain name as your member name. For example, while John Smith is an acceptable member name, JohnSmith.com is not (nor is JohnSmith.org, or any other extension). If you do this, we will edit your profile and change your member name, any extensions will be removed and appropriate spacing added. The same goes for your business name. XYZ Tours is not an acceptable display name and will be edited without notice. We are asking you to keep these forums as a place of individuals not faceless entities. Please see our Grandfather Clause for exceptions.

  • You may include a link to your website in your profile and your signature. The link in your signature must be a simple link displaying either the URL or the business name - it cannot be a long advertising phrase. If you put an advertising phrase in your signature, we will remove it. You can link to only ONE website. If you have a Slow Travel Classified, you may include your "caption" from the classified as a link to the classified. If you run a blog, you may link to it. See below for more information on signatures.

  • You may NOT post recommending your business.

  • If you have travel information on your website and someone asks a question that your page answers, you may post a link to the page, but be sure to include some basic information in the post, don't just link to your page.

  • You may recommend a friend's business or an associate's business only if you personally used it and paid for it. When recommending, please describe the specific instance in which you used the business service. For example, you may not recommend a hotel at which you book tours, unless you personally stayed there and paid for the privilege. If you did, then describe that instance when recommending.

If we feel you have posted in a thread just to have your signature with your website displayed and there is not good content in your post, we will delete the post. For example, "You will love Tuscany" by a poster with vacation rentals in Tuscany linked to in their signature. This post would be deleted. However, if you posted with some interesting information about traveling in Tuscany, we would not view it as a commercial post.

Grandfather Clause

We are offering "grandfathering in," -- the option to some businesses to keep their original profile names that may include their business names, to those business entities who meet all the following criteria:

  • you have been a member of SlowTalk for at least two years
  • you are a Gold Star member or have a classified ad on the SlowTrav main site
  • you have at least one SlowTraveler star - meaning you've contributed at least 500+ posts
  • you have a SlowTrav member page - this means you have contributed at least five articles/trip reports to the site or have a regular column in our Travel Stories section. Anyone who has at least five articles and does not have a member page, we can create one for you.
If any grandfathered-in business entities would want to voluntarily change their screen names from a business name to something less business-sounding, the mods would encourage and welcome that, too.

Member Names and Signatures

Read our Rules for Signatures and Member Names.

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