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Check Security and Firewall Settings

If you are having problems using the forums, the problems may be caused by your browser or security software. Try all the following things and start up the forums and test them after each thing that you try - until it works!

1. You must be using a recent version of your browser

The forums use advanced javascript and DHTML elements. To use all features, you need to use one of these browsers:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5+
- Firefox, Mozilla, Firebird, Safari, or Opera 7+
- Netscape 7+

Upgrade your browser at one of these links:
Download Internet Explorer (free)

Download FireFox (free)

2. Delete Temporary Internet Files

Temporary Internet Files are versions of web site pages kept on your computer. They may be referring to old pages that do not work. Delete your temporary internet files in your browser to be sure you are looking at the new pages.

Internet Explorer Version 6 Series - Temporary Internet Files

> Tools > Internet Options > General Tab > Temporary Internet Files - - click "Delete Files". This may take several minutes. (Do not delete cookies here, see next step.)

AOL Users - Temporary Internet Files

If you are on AOL, this is how you delete those files:

In the AOL folder on the start menu, select "AOL system information". Once that has started, click on the "Utilities" tab and there you'll see a button marked "Clear Browser Cache". Click that button.

3. Delete Cookies

Cookies are files kept on your computer that tell the forums who you are. If these get messed up, the program gets confused. Many web sites use cookies, so you do not want to delete them all. Just delete the cookies used by the forum (slowtalk.com)

4. Make sure your browser is accepting cookies

The forum software depends on using cookies. Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies.

Internet Explorer Version 6 Series - Cookies setting

Tools > Internet Options > Privacy Tab -- Ensure settings are set to "Medium"

If not settings are not at Medium, click the "Defaults" button.

If you are unable to move the Settings down to a level where cookies are allowed please contact your System Administrator for clarifications on local cookie policy within your organization.

5. Check your Firewall settings

Norton Personal Firewall (Internet security) - change your settings

Windows XP or Win2k users with "Norton Personal Firewall" software, or similar (adding a trusted site):

1. Open the Norton Internet Security program (NIS).
2. Click Options.
3. Click Internet Security (or Personal Firewall).
4. Click Advanced Options.
5. Click the Web tab.
6. Click Add Site. A new site/domain box appears.
7. Enter the url of the site that you want to receive the referrer information and click OK. (http://slowtalk.com) That site name appears in the left frame of the Advanced Options window.
8. Click the name of the new site.
9. Click the Privacy tab.
10. Check the "Use these rules for..." box.
11. Change the Referrer from "Block" to "Allow."
12. Click Apply, and then click OK.
13. Click OK to close the Options window.

If you wish to disable all filtering: Click on custom settings and make sure enable privacy is checked. Then click on the Custom Level tab. Under Confidential settings select medium. Under Cookie Blocking select None: Allow Cookies. Do not place a check mark next to Enable Browser Privacy. Place a check mark next to Enable Secure Connections (https). Click OK and you're all set.

6. Additional things to try

Check your local computer's clock settings. If it is inaccurate, please reset it to your current local time, clear out your browser cache, clear out any cookies set by the site, and try again.

If you are using a cable modem, please contact your cable modem provider to discuss the page cache that they may be running on the system. Be prepared to use an alternate provider (dial up) as a test of the page cache if they are indeed running one. Many hosts with cache systems claim that they are 'transparent' when that is not the case.

Also know that many large ISPs around the country will run cache servers that only clear out at scheduled intervals. This can affect performance regionally and make content fail to show up correctly for your users in these areas where the cache has not cleared for a while.

7. If it still does not work, contact us

If you have tried all these things and the forums still do not work, Contact Us. We need to know if you are using a PC or a MAC, which browser, which version, and a description of your problem.


Slow Travel Moderators

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