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Joining and Logging in to the Forums

Joining for the Forums

Before you can post on the Slow Travel Forums, you must join. This is free. We manage our own registration system (but it is separate from our review registration). To join, click the Login/Join link in the upper right corner of the forums. Or click this link to Join.


From there you see the screen below.  Click the circle next to “I am not registered on Slow Travel Talk"

Not Registered

The screen changes to below, click "Continue"

Click Continue

You will now see the screen below.  You will need to enter at least the following five fields:

  • Account Email Address
  • Confirm Account Email Address
  • Account Password
  • Confirm Account Password
  • Display Name (cannot be an email, business name or website domain)


Then page down and click "Submit"


When you’re done, you will receive this screen. At this point you should have received an e-mail from noreply@slowtrav.com with a link in it that you will need to click in order to verify your e-mail.  If the link is not active within your e-mail (which sometimes happens with services such as AOL), cut and paste the link to the address line in your browser. If you do not do this step, you will not be able to post.  If you did not receive this e-mail, check your SPAM folder; they often end up there.  Otherwise, let us know.


You did not receive the verification email

If you did not receive this verification email after joining, your SPAM filter has stopped the email. Check your SPAM folder, you may find the verification email there.

Some email programs, such as AOL, stop Spam but do not put it in a Spam folder that you can check. In this case, add this email address to your "safe list": noreply@slowtrav.com.

To have the Verification Email resent:

  • Go to the main login screen and login with your email and password.
  • You will see the screen below telling you that you have not verified your email address and giveing you a link to have another sent, as show below.

Verify Email Error

Login screen showing "clidk here" link to have verification email resent.

  • Click the link to have the verification email resent to you.

Logging In to the Forums

The most common problem if you cannot login is that you have forgotten your password.

You do not remember your password

  • Make sure the domain "slowtrav.com" has been added to your "safe list", so you will receive the email from us.
  • Go to the login screen and click the link to have your password resent - "Lost Password". See the red arrow on the screen below.

Login screen showing "Lost Password" link.

  • You will receive an email from us with your password. This email is sent to the email address you have registered (i.e., joined) with. Remember, password is case-sensitive - type it exactly as it appears in the email they send you.

You still cannot login

If you try to login and get this message "Login failed. Please double-check your login credentials" then you may be typing your password wrong. Password is case-sensitive. Be sure you are entering the password correctly.

You have changed your email address

If you have changed your email address and know your password, you can login, using your old email address, and change your email address in your profile to the new email address (click GO > PERSONAL ZONE > PROFILE, then click EDIT PROFILE in upper right). You will be sent an email so you can verify the new email address. Read more here.

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