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Searching for Answers to Travel Questions

If you are new to these forums, read this for a few hints about asking for travel advice.

Try Searching for the Information First

First, search the forums and the web site to see if you can find the answer to your question. On the forums, click FIND. We have over 200,000 posts on the forums- you may find what you are looking for in a previous post. On the web site, click SEARCH in the header.

We specialize in Slow Travel

Remember that we specialize in Slow Travel - staying in vacation rentals for slower trips. We discuss lots of other things, but this is our main focus. If you are planning a "fast travel" trip (2 days here, 3 days there), you might get more answers to your questions on other forums that specialize in this type of travel. See our list of other forums.

But, we would like to convince you to slow down your trip. Read What is Slow Travel to learn more.

What Information to Give When Asking for Trip Advice

If you want to post a question, read this to see what type of information you should include in your post.

1. Tell us the time of year you will be traveling. This makes a big difference in a trip and may change the advice people give.

2. Tell us the number of people in your group. This makes a difference for the type of vacation rental or hotel.

3. If you are seeking hotel or vacation rental advice, tell us your budget and tastes. Do you want a luxury room and don't care what the cost is? Or a budget place?

4. How long is your trip?

5. What are your interests? Some people want to explore Roman ruins, some the outdoors, some the art - tell us your interests, what you want from the trip.

6. Will you have small children with you or someone who cannot walk long distances and climb many stairs?

Some Resources on the Slow Travel Web Site

Read What is Slow Travel to learn more about our travel philosophy.

For information about planning your trip, look through our Planning section:
Europe Trip Planning
Italy: Trip Planning

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