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Rules for Signatures and Member Names on the Forums

If your member name or signatures do not comply with our rules as described below, we will change them in your profile.

Rules for Forum "Slim" Signatures

You can have one link to one website, a link to your Slow Travel Classified, a link to your blog (only one), links to your Slow Travel pages, and now, you can also link to a social media site (e.g., Twitter or Facebook). You can also have your name and a favorite quote. This is described in more detail below.

  • Link to one website only. This applies to everyone, commercial websites and non-commercial.
  • The link to your website must be either the URL or a simple text version of your website name. No advertising sentences or phrases are allowed.
    For example:
    Slow Travel
  • Link to your classified using either the "caption" from your classified or the text "Slow Travel Classified Listing" or "We Support Slow Travel".
    For example:
    Slow Travel Classified Listing
    Chow Venice! A Guide to Eating and Drinking in Venice, Italy
  • Link to your blog (only one) using the URL or the text name of your blog.
    For example:
    Blog: What I really think
  • Link to a single social media website with either the URL or the specific term, "Follow Me on XYZ" where, for example, XYZ is Twitter or Facebook.
    For example:
    Follow me on Facebook
  • If you have published pages on Slow Travel, you can link to them.
  • Please, do not put your email address or phone number in your signature. You can make your email address visible in your profile.

Our goal is to keep the forums easy to read and to not take up a lot of space with signatures, repeated over and over again, through a discussion. They tend to clutter the posts and distract from the discussion. To this end, in addition to limiting the number of links, if everyone could cooperate, by putting multiple links on a single line, where possible, that would be a great help. For example, instead of:

My Website
My Blog
Follow Me on Twitter
My SlowTrav pages

You could put:

My Website | My Blog | Follow me on Twitter | My SlowTrav Pages


My Website | My Blog
Follow me on Twitter | My SlowTrav Pages

We would appreciate it. We thank you for helping to keep these forums as easy to use and read as possible.

Rules for Message Board Member Names

  • Your member name cannot be your domain name. For example, while John Smith is an acceptable member name, JohnSmith.com is not (nor is JohnSmith.org, or any other extension). If you do this, we will edit your profile and change your member name, any extensions will be removed and appropriate spacing added.
  • Your member name cannot be your business name. Please use your own name or nickname when posting. For example, XYZ Tours is not an acceptable member name. If you do this, we will edit your profile and change your member name without notice. Please see our Rules for Business Owners and Grandfather Clause for more information.

How to add a signature to your profile

You define your profile when you join the forums. To update your profile at any time click GO > PERSONAL ZONE > PROFILE. You will see all the fields in your Profile. Click EDIT PROFILE in the upper right to make any changes. Make your changes and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the input box (you may have to scroll to see it).

NOTE: You may have to use the horizontal scroll bar to see the Edit Profile link. See screen snap below.

The red arrow marks the link to click to edit your profile.

Important fields in your profile

  • Display Name - this is your name as displayed when you post. You can change this. Members cannot have the same display names, so the one you want may be taken. When you change your display name, all your old posts are changed to this new name.
  • Display Email - if you want others to be able to email you, put your email here.
  • Signature - this is the text that appears at the end of your post. To add a link, use the UBB code. For example: [URL=http://www.slowtrav.com]Slow Travelers[/URL] This is described in more detail below.
  • Avatar - If you want to have a photo added, you can upload it from your computer to your profile on the My Profile page (see below).

How to add a URL in your signature

You can put a live link in your signature (to your website or blog). Follow these steps:

  • Click GO > PERSONAL ZONE > PROFILE to see your profile. Click the link to EDIT your profile.
  • In the Signature input box, put the following UBB code: [URL=http://www.slowtrav.com/]Slow Travel[/URL]
  • Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the profile box (you may have to use the box scroll bars to get to the bottom of the box.
  • The code above will look like this in your signature line: Slow Travel . You can add text above or below it - or beside it.

When you change your signature, it is updated on EVERY post you have ever made on the forums. But it takes a few minutes for this to happen. To force it to happen faster, post a reply - that usually makes the database update.

If you have any problems, contact Slow Travel (there is an email link at the bottom of every page) or post in the How do I? forum and one of the moderators will help you.

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