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Using the Slow Travel Forums

The complete forums help documentation is available on the forums. Pulldown on Tools and select Help.

The Forums do not Look Right

The forums software makes use of the latest browser technologies and you must access the forums with the latest browsers.

Browser Compatibility: Note that the forums use advanced javascript and DHTML elements. To use all features, you need to use one of these browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.5+,
  • Netscape Version 7+,
  • Mozilla, Firebird, Safari, or Opera Version 7+
  • Google Chrome.

Upgrade your browser at one of these links:
Download Internet Explorer 9.0 (free)
Download Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

How to make the type larger

The size of type on the forums is controlled by your settings on your browser. In Internet Explorer, pulldown on View and select Text Size. You can make the text larger or smaller.

How to post

Follow these steps to join the forums and start posting.

1. Join the forums: You must join to post on the forums. You only do this once and then your computer remembers who you are and logs you in each time you go to the forums. To join, click the word Login/Join on the upper right of the screen. If you already joined and are logged in, your login name is displayed there. Otherwise, fill out the registration form and the forums automatically email you. This is to verify that your email address is correct. Click on the link in the email and you've joined! It is as simple as that and now you can begin posting questions, answers and comments.

2. Go to the forum: On the main Slow Travel Forums you see a list of categories and forums. For example, in the TRAVEL category, you see the forums Italy, France, etc. Click on the name of the forum to go to that forum. The forum screen displays the first 50 topics (the most recent topics are shown first). Use the page numbers at the bottom of the list to move back and see earlier topics. To read the posts for a topic, just click on the topic name.

3. Post a question: To start a new topic, click on New on the top left of the screen, above the list of topics. From the drop down menu, click on Discussion. A window opens with an input box. Type your question. Click the Post Now button at the bottom of the window to post the message. When the message is posted you are returned to the thread. When starting a new topic, you can indicate that you want to be emailed when someone replies.

4. Post a reply: To post a reply in an existing topic, go to that topic, then click the Reply button. A window opens with an input box. Type your comment. Click the Post Now button at the bottom of the window to post the message. When the message is posted you are returned to the thread.

How to use Private Messages

A Private Message (PM) is a thread, just like other threads on the forums, but it can only be seen by the person who starts it and the people they invite to the thread. To see your PMs, click GO > PERSONAL ZONE > PRIVATE MESSAGING. There you will see your private forum with all the PMs you have been included in.

NOTE: Private Messages are only available to paid members. Become a Slow Travel Member.

You can start a PM with one person or with a group of people. To start with one person, you can click on their name on a post and select "Invite to a Private Message". Or "Add to My Contacts" to add several people and have a group PM.

Email Notification

To get automatic email notification of a new PM:


2. From Private Messaging, click NOTIFY and select ADD NOTIFICATION.

3. From the Notification Tool box, select the type of notification you want for Private Messages. The option "Immediate Notification by Email" is a good one.

More Information on Private Messages

Read more about PMs in the Help. Pulldown on Tools and Select Help.

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