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Anyone can read and search our travel forums, but to participate in discussions (i.e., post topics or reply), we ask that you complete the registration process (by clicking Login/Join on the main Forum Page. You will be required to enter a valid email address (you will receive an email with a link to verify), and choose a Display Name.

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The Slow Travel forums are supported by its gold star (aka premium) members. It is with their support that we are able to maintain a quality of posts and information on our site (including Slow Travel, Slow Photos and Slow Travel Talk).

Gold Star Members have a Gold Star to the right of their member name on their posts. They have access to these extra features:

  • private messaging (private conversation between members)
  • email digests (have the latest posts emailed to you each day)
  • Gold Star forums (forums for non-travel talk, food/recipes/drink, for sale/home exchange/items wanted)
  • photo managing software (hosted on www.slowphotos.com)
  • the ability to create personal and community albums on our travel forums, Slow Travel Talk.
  • run your blog on SlowTrav.

Membership Costs

  • Slow Travel Gold Star Member: $30/year

How Payment is Collected

Membership contributions are taken through PayPal. (Slow Travel does not have access to your credit card.) You will be notified yearly, before your membership expires.

Membership Activation

It can take until the next business day for you to receive your membership status. If you have questions regarding your membership activation, you can contact help@slowtrav.com.

Become a Gold Star (Premium) Member

You don't need a PayPal account to pay by credit card. Click here for instructions.

To subscribe to automatic renewal, click the Subscribe button. For a one year renewal, click the Pay Now button.


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